The Carbonphone RU-80 Reviewed In Recording Magazine!

The Carbonphone RU-80 gets a rave review in the Feb 2018 issue of Recording Magazine!  Read the full article here.

The Dallas Observer Covers the History Behind Placid Audio!

Happy to have sat down with Daniel Rodrigue  of the Dallas Observer to talk in detail about our little company… Read the full article hereScreen Shot 2017-08-25 at 11.19.32 PM

The Resonator Series Reviewed by Recording Magazine!

Recording Magazine goes into detail on to use the Resonator A and Resonator B for guitars! Read the full article here.


The Resonator A & B Reviewed TapeOp Magazine!

Veteran engineer Joel Hamilton weighs in on his thoughts about our new Resonator mics in TapeOp Magazine! Read the full review here!


Mic Shootout at Vintage King with Warren Huart – Placid Audio Copperphone

Warren Huart tries out the Placid Audio Copperphone at Vintage King with Alex Oana.

Copperphone Reviewed By Mix Magazine!

Fifteen years after it’s inception, the Copperphone is still getting the spotlight.  This time in Mix Magazine.  Read the full article here!


Video Demo of the Copperphone on Various Instruments

In depth video review of the Copperphone on various instruments by Andrew Koss of Terminus Recording Studios.

Copperphone Reviewed By Audio News Room!

More than a decade later the Copperphone still getting rave reviews!  This time the Copperphone is featured on  Read the full article here!


Carbonphone and Tone Box vs Resonator A

Some lo-fi guitar recording with the Recovery Effects pedal ‘The Cutting Room Floor’ and a Carbonphone/Tone Box and Resonator A!

The Carbonphone Makes The Cover Of Recording Magazine!

Extensive review of the Carbonphone in Recording Magazine! Read the full article here.

Carbonphone in Recording Magazine

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