Copperphone Mentioned in Mix Magazine

Engineer Joel Hamilton discusses some of his favorite microphones and techniques for recording vocals. Lo and behold the Copperphone is one of them. Read the full article in Mix Magazine Online here.

Various Pictures Of The Copperphone In Action

Copperphone in a dual mic setup on a marxophone:

photo credit: Joel Hamilton @ Studio G

Another dual mic set up on acoustic bass:

photo credit: Joel Hamilton @ Studio G

Joel Hamilton’s triple Copperphone setup:

photo credit: Joel Hamilton @ Studio G

Tim DeLaughter and his Copperphone:

Some print ads of the Copperphone that have run in various magazines:

First Official Recording of The Copperphone by Grandaddy

Someone had to be the first to record with it and that credit goes to Jason Lytle of Grandaddy. He used it quite a bit on their record, Sumday. Visit here to listen to a clip of “Stray Dog and the Chocolate Shake” where the Copperphone is being used on his vocal.

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