Cat’s Eyes Record Live With The Copperphone

Check out this pleasant and tasteful use of the Copperphone during a live recording session at the Guardian Studios in London with Cat’s Eyes.

Queens of the Stone Age and The Copperphone!

Queens of the Stone Age bassist, Michael Shuman, is using the Copperphone as an effect mic for his backup vocals. Check out their performance from the 2010 Lowlands Festival. The Copperphone can really be seen/heard starting around 2:05 till the end of the video.

News Clip Of The Copperphone Shutting Down DFW Airport Now On YouTube

This happened back in 2004 and we’ve been looking for the original newscast footage ever since.  It finally popped up on YouTube recently.

Rush Using The Copperphone Mini For ‘Crowd’ Mics!

For their 2010 Time Machine tour, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson each have a Copperphone Mini mounted on their mic stands to capture the crowd during live recordings of the shows.

Norah Jones Uses The Copperphone On Her Latest Album “The Fall”

Producer/Engineer Jacquire King uses the Copperphone alongside  a Telefunken Ela M 251 for Norah’s Vocal Set up:

Watch a short interview with Norah and Jacquire and see the Copperphone in action during the session here.

Green Day Using The Copperphone On Electric Guitar

For Green Day’s live show, front of house engineer Kevin Lemoine runs a Copperphone on auxiliary guitarist, Jason White’s  amp.

Read the full article in Mix Magazine here.

Veteran Scoring Mixer Dan Wallin Uses The Copperphone In The Pixar Movie “UP”

Dan ended up using a few Copperphones to achieve an ‘old-timey’ orchestra sound for the intro black and white sequence of the animated Pixar movie, “Up”.


Here are a few photos from the session. Dan took the previously recorded orchestral tracks and re-amped them through a few Copperphones to get the desired effect.


R&B Artist Keyshia Cole ‘Blings’ Out Her Harmonica Mini

For her current world tour supporting Lil’ Wayne, Keyshia Cole has customized her Harmonica Mini. See below:

Copperphone On The Cover Of Recording Magazine!

Below is the front cover of the 2008 issue of Recording Magazine and the corresponding article.  To read the text version of this article please go to Reviews.

Auguest 2008 Issue of Recording Magazine

To read a text version of this article please go here

Copperphone in New Raconteurs Video!

Looks like Jack is using the Copperphone in the latest Raconteurs video, “Salute Your Solution”.

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